LAST CHANCE Green Ancient Roman Glass Beads Green Ancient Afghanistan 25mm (1pc) 22V14

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Beautiful green Ancient Roman glass bead, two holes either side they are from front to back, what a great piece of history to add to your jewelry design! The pictures let you see the front and back of each piece. This piece is slightly curved.

Information regarding Ancient Roman Glass beads, they're unique beautiful pieces from Ancient Rome, traded in Afghanistan. Exact age unknown, some date back to the time of Christ. These beads have been made from items such as, bowls, vases, vessels etc. that were buried in the earth for many years. You'll find some have natural patina, can be pitted, come with scratches. Some may have encountered chips, cracks, etc. on their long journey. They were most likely excavated during archeological digs and a creative person decided to make these gorgeous beads!

Quantity: 1

Size: approx. 25mm

ITEM#: 22V14

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